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There are weekly Cornell Thrift meetings Monday's 6:30 – 7:30 PM in Willard Straight Hall, Room 413.

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Ezra's Exchange is a closet space open in the browsing library in Willard Straight Hall. The closet's slogan is 'Free to Give, Free to Take.' Here you can donate clothes and find new ones for free! Open whenever Willard Straight is!

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Want to start shopping sustainably? Stop by one of our pop-up shops and you'll find free or low-price clothing from other Cornell students and local thrift shops!

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Behind the Seams is a photo campaign to get people thinking about the value of clothes by sharing the stories they hold. We're hoping to reduce waste by having people rethink the way they see their clothes. New photos go up on our Cornell Thrift Instagram page every week.

Check out our Instagram Page

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We'll teach you how to sew on that missing button, fix a tear, or hem your dress! Come find us in the Willard Straight Hall International Lounge. Stay tuned for information on upcoming sessions!